We offer complete hair removal services, with hot chocolate wax and roll-on disposable wax with disposable paper, because we know that getting rid of annoying body hair in some areas is something that many seek to see and feel better. For this reason we have professionals in charge of shaving different areas of the body and offer you this way:

  • Face hair removal
  • Eyebrow hair removal
  • Mustache hair removal
  • Underarm hair removal
  • Hair removal
  • Back hair removal
  • Chest hair removal
  • Normal bikini hair removal
  • Brazilian hair removal
  • Depilation ½ leg (upper or lower)
  • Full leg hair removal

½ Arm Waxing, ½ Leg Waxing, ½ Leg Waxing with Strips, Arm Waxing, Armpit Waxing, Back Waxing, Bikini Waxing, Brazilian Waxing, Chest Waxing, Entire Face Waxing, Eyebrow Waxing, Full Leg Waxing with Strips, Leg Waxing, Upper Lip WaxingV

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