A decontracting massage, relieves pain or dissolves the contracture, by the walks he made through our mountains, valleys and Inca roads.

Duration: 60 min approximately

What Included?

  • Hot compresses of Roca Spa with natural Inca products.
  • Gentle and relaxing massage.
  • Relaxing music and aromatherapy.


RESERVATIONS: We recommend booking your appointment in advance so that we can meet your needs.

  • It is mandatory to send the coupon before making the reservation
  • Roca Spa sends a written confirmation of your appointment, once the reservation is made no changes of date or cancellations will be accepted
  • Scheduled and a non-attended appointment will be taken as made
  • For reservations, your appointment contacts WhatsApp 993492123, Email

QUOTES:  Reservations via email, WhatsApp, we appreciate filling out the form clearly, directly and practically.

PRICES: They are expressed in US dollars and in soles. We appreciate checking our website for the treatment, time and verify the price before making your reservation. 

PAYMENTS: Payments are made before your appointment.

Cash (Soles, Dólares o Euros ).

Credit cards: Visa, Mastercard,

Paypal: Service amount +10% for bank commissions.

Via deposit or bank transfer: BCP or Interbank.

Check out our Roca Spa Policies and Protocol that apply to all treatments.

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